Trade In Your Old CDs and DVDs for Free Apple Gear, Including the iPad

New York-based iPodMeister takes your old CDs and DVDs and magically transforms them into Apple gear.

What you get depends on what you give. In exchange for 220 discs, you’ll get an 8GB iPod Nano. A 16GB iPhone 3GS goes for 330 discs. And a 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi can be had if you have 600 discs. If you want the top of the line iPad, a 64GB model with Wi-Fi and 3G capability, that will cost you 1,150 discs.

Blu-ray discs earn your double credit. There are a few rules and regulations, such as all disc art plus the CD folder must be intact and in good condition. All DVDs must be region 1 or all-region discs, and they don’t accept porn, scratched discs, or promotional discs, so I’d say most Gearfuse readers are shit out of luck. iPodMeister even goes through the trouble of digitizing your music and sending all back to you on a disc. Oh, and shipping the discs to them is absolutely free. Sure, it’s not really free stuff in the traditional sense, but if you no longer use your old CDs, it’s as good as free, plus you clear out some space in the meantime.

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  1. So yeah… I’ve noticed iPodMeister getting quite a bit of publicity lately and I can’t help, but wonder if this really works. I know their website “says” it works and they even have a few testimonials on their sites, but has anyone “else” used this service?

    I’m in one of those “too-good-to-be-true” states and I’d love to be proved wrong or at least made to feel more convinced.



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