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One Field, 600,000 CDs

Bruce Munro and 140 of his closest friends placed a total of 600,000 CDs over the span of Wiltshire field in the UK over the course of a weekend. The CDSea project started when Munro asked the public to donate their used CDs. After amassing a collection of 600,000, Munro did what any sane person would do after accumulating so ...

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Parental Advisory iPhone Case: Tipper Gore is So Proud

Remember when albums used to actually come in hard form? When we actually had to walk into a brick and mortar “record store,” as they used to refer to them, and purchase a tangible product (which would later be used in some pretty creative ways)? Those days might be long gone, or at least going extinct fast, but the legacy ...

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Melted Vinyl Wave Caused By CDs

We’ve seen a lot of artists this month. From Nikki Cook‘s comics to Adam Stennett‘s oil paintings, we just can’t get enough! The latest to grace our inbox is Korean artist Jean Shin. The above picture is her sculpture called “Sound Wave,” which is made solely out of melted vinyl records to express the awareness of rising technology which renders ...

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Ferragamo’s Silk Tie For MP3 Fans

Italian fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo has created a tie for all you digital audiophiles out there. It’s a stylish piece of silk neckwear adorned with tiny multicolored CD’s and headphones. The tie comes in red or Navy, but with a $160 price tag it’s not cheap. Despite the high cost, this item is clearly a must have for gents looking ...

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Recycled CD/DVD Jewelry

Some of you may recall a company called AOL that used to give out CDs by the millions. I mean you couldn’t even piss in a Six Flags bathroom without seeing free AOL CDs. Going ice skating? Have an AOL CD. Grabbing a burger from McDonalds? Have an AOL CD. Jerking off? Hey, don’t forget the AOL CD! So everyone ...

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RoboCard Keeps CDs Safe and Your Butthole Clean

With his tin toy robot look and corrugated cardboard body, the RoboCard is willing and ready to do the extremely bizarre task for which he was created. Believe it or not, RoboCard will hold and protect up to 14 CDs and a roll of extra toilet paper “for any spill, leak, drip, drop, or other emergency.” At W8.7″ x D6.3″ ...

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