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Recycled CD/DVD Jewelry

Some of you may recall a company called AOL that used to give out CDs by the millions. I mean you couldn’t even piss in a Six Flags bathroom without seeing free AOL CDs. Going ice skating? Have an AOL CD. Grabbing a burger from McDonalds? Have an AOL CD. Jerking off? Hey, don’t forget the AOL CD! So everyone ...

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IGN says PS3 is the best game console: *cocks head curiously*

IGN surprisingly announced the PS3 as the 2006 console of the year, beating out the Wii for the head spot. Many of you might be infuriated or elated depending on your opinions of each respected console, we all know everyone has their own opinion. So let’s see how IGN clarifies their situation. Nintendo’s Wii launched to massive mainstream applause and ...

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