Toys That Make No Sense: Mickey Mouse Tron Toy


OK, I know that Disney released the original Tron film in 1982. And I get that Mickey Mouse is the de facto symbol of the company. But other than that, what the fuck does Mickey and Tron have in common?

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  1. Kingdom Hearts 2

  2. Why would I, a man’s man, as I am, play a game with “hearts” in the title? Puh-leeze.

  3. I guess you’ve never been to Disneyland then…. you need to check out Donald Duck as Darth Maul or Goofy as Darth Vader. This Tron thing is small balls compared to all that.
    This shit happens all the time – has for years.

  4. KINGDOM HEARTS 2! thats what!

  5. Actually, it’s based off of a concept drawing made by one of the Disney animators during the making of TRON (the illustration also included Pluto dressed in Tron gear.) You can find it on the behind-the-scenes material on the TRON DVD (look in disc 2).

  6. Kingdom Hearts (1 & 2) was one of those ideas that sounded bad (Square doing a Disney-based game) and sounded worse the more you learned about it (Tarzan-land? Nightmare before Christmas-land? )… and yet despite all that it was pretty darn fun… and is one of the better “Disney games” out there. I’m always surprised that those tacky Disney retail stores never had any copies of it (or most videogames) to sell… as that’s your target market right there.

    As a TRON geek and someone who really enjoyed the TRON 2.0 videogame (2003 for Xbox, Macintosh & Windows)… I don’t really want Mickey anywhere near my lightcycles… but at the same time it is kindof cool.

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