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Painting the future

A short film featuring Syd Mead, concept artist for Blade Runner, Tron, and Aliens, shows a master visual futurist at work. Video after the jump.

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Renowned motorcycle builders create a real-life version of the Tron light cycle. It's sleek, it's masterfully builtand it's a pale reflection of the preternatural awesomeness of the 1982 movie's original.

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Video: 1923 AKA Heaven

In tribute to a visionary artist, strobing, massing, fluorescent patterns of technological imagery that have something of the spiritual about them as well.

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TRON Motorcycle Suit

In a few short months, the film Tron: Legacy will hit theaters, reinvigorating a once lost franchise that seemed lost in the folds of gaming history. There’s only one way to survive the world of TRON, and that’s to have the proper gear. The lifespan of a digital light racer seems to be not so good. The Tron Motorcycle Suit ...

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PC Case Mod: That’s So Tron!

This is one ill case mod. That’s slang for “well done and sexy,” which is exactly what Nick Falzone was going for with this computer case inspired by a Beijing building. This concoction of wood and circuitry looks to be a mash up of Tron and the Borg cube, minus the corrupt programs and assimilation. Because Nick is such a ...

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Turning Tron

Electroluminescent wiring isn’t anything new but using it in the world of fashion is a whole new experience. Take these two dudes who designed replica Daft Punk suits out of the EL wiring. If you’re wondering how EL wiring works, it’s basically a thin copper wire with phosphor around it. When voltage flows through, it glows. Simple, right? Now, the ...

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