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Xbox 360 Controller Calculator Ripoff

This calculator only does a sub-par job of mimicking the Xbox 360 controller. Why, exactly, is this such a ripoff? No friggen Y button. WTF. Do the math. (Hardy-har) We’ve been short-changed. Link

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More My Little Pony Madness

Hey, what do you know, it’s Saturday and I’m sitting here blogging. Not my usual, but hey, I happened to be in the area. And whoopy, check out what I came across. Some new awesome My Little Pony models to add to the growing collection of Pony mash-ups we’ve seen over the past month or two. I like to call ...

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Gears of War and Zelda-themed My Litte Pony Dolls

eBay is what geeky dreams are made of. Surfing through the site, one can find a treasure trove of oddities and awesomeness. Like that one time where I found Harrison Ford’s used panties. Mmm, Han Solo juice. Surf a little further and you’ll find these gaming-inspired My Little Pony dolls, including Gears of War, Zelda and even Iron Man ponies. ...

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Lock Up Your Videos! Eclectic Method Is Coming!

Mashups. Two songs seamlessly flowing over one another. This is what video-mixup collective Eclectic Method does perfectly. After seeing them multiple times in New York City, I wondered to myself why in the hell I haven’t posted about these dudes yet. Let me break it down for you: RAW MIX POWER. That’s what these guys do. We’re talking music videos ...

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