Toys �R� Us Expanding Its Tech For The Holidays

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means: toys! That’s why Toys ?R? Us is expanding its tech side by adding Apple iPods and Asus Eee PC netbooks to its inventory. The iPods will be sold within specially designed ?iPod boutique? wall displays. iPod Shuffle,? Nano and Touch will all be available come next month, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

The netbooks will be available in Linux and Windows XP versions which are priced at $269 and $299, respectively. Has your kid been bugging you lately for a laptop computer? Netbooks are the affordable solution which provide all the basic necessities of computing without the superb specs. Even better, most kids will never know the difference.

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  1. Everything is always iPod, but what about the Creative Zen? Toys R Us sales the Creative Zen Stone, which is a better player than the iPod shuffle and is cheaper. It has a tiny screen and supoports DRM free music, something the iPod doesn’t

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