TokyoFlash Infection Watch


Leave it to TokyoFlash to make yet another completely useless watch. This time around though, the company has created a watch I’d actually want to wear. Dubbed “Infection”, this watch emulates a colorful petri dish full of organisms (I said organisms, not orgasms. Get your mind out of the gutter.) There’s 27 multi-colored LEDs moving around that, apparently, can somehow tell you the time. Check this:

Twelve red LEDs indicate hours, eleven yellow LEDs represent the progression of time in groups of five minutes and four green LEDs show single minutes.

How the fuck am I supposed to tell what time it is if I’m wasted at the club? I can imagine the dialogue would go something like this:

Chick: Hey! Do you have the time?

Me: One second, lemme put down my whiskey check my watch.

Me: Sorry, I can’t read this fucking thing. You wanna dance?

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