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Conficker Worm Hits University

The University of Utah has quite the headache right now. You see, that annoying April 1st worm known affectionately as “Conficker” has infected over 700 computers at U of U. The worst part is that the virus has infiltrated the school’s medical computers and thus, can steal patient’s medical data. This is a huge issue for privacy advocates, IT security ...

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Successfully Transplanted Tailor-Made Windpipe From Stem Cells

Claudia Castillo suffered from a tuberculosis infection which affected her bronchial tube making it collapse at the point where it entered her lungs. Facing a complete lung removal, Claudia instead went through a pioneering operation to have a new windpipe grown for her using her own bone marrow stem cells. Claudia, a native to Barcelona, has become the first person ...

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TokyoFlash Infection Watch

Leave it to TokyoFlash to make yet another completely useless watch. This time around though, the company has created a watch I’d actually want to wear. Dubbed “Infection”, this watch emulates a colorful petri dish full of organisms (I said organisms, not orgasms. Get your mind out of the gutter.) There’s 27 multi-colored LEDs moving around that, apparently, can somehow ...

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