Tieclip Tieclip and Cufflink Cufflinks Are Pretty Self-Explanatory


Remember that time you walked out of the house with a pair of tieclips in place of your cufflinks? They sorta look similar, I guess, but you must be pretty clueless to make a mistake like that. Apparently it happens though.

Just in case you weren’t quite sure what to do with your various homogeneous clothing accessories, these Tieclips Tieclips and Cufflink Cufflinks refresh your memory every time you glance at them with the help of a very meta method of brain banging. That is, assuming you know how to read.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Can’t help laughing. Well the mistake does occur, that’s for sure. But with these obvious Cufflinks and Tieclips the odds are now slim. Thanks for the refreshment, they are elegant.

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