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Tieclip Tieclip and Cufflink Cufflinks Are Pretty Self-Explanatory

Remember that time you walked out of the house with a pair of tieclips in place of your cufflinks? They sorta look similar, I guess, but you must be pretty clueless to make a mistake like that. Apparently it happens though. Just in case you weren’t quite sure what to do with your various homogeneous clothing accessories, these Tieclips Tieclips ...

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Mini Lighter Cufflinks

These Mini Lighter Cufflinks were available on Etsy before the internet took over and sold out every last pair. Will they be back? Who knows, but lord, these things are awesome. They’re cufflinks which are actual lighters, meaning you can light up a smoke without even reaching into your pocket. I wouldn’t recommend these if you go a little heavy ...

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Etsy Store Steampunk Galore

I was just looking through Etsy user Edmdesigns’ store, and I must say – she does fine work. If you’re into the steampunk stuff we cover, like that spectacular ergonomic keyboard and non-functional headset, then you’ll go ape shit for some of the designs she’s come up with. From steampunk cufflinks to steampunk bow ties, this store has 217 items ...

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Homemade Apple Cufflinks

While not as tasty as Apple pie or a Mac Pro, these cufflinks are sufficient enough to pick up even the dorkiest of women. Designed by Etsy user Beaujangles (what a great semi-racist pun!), these go for $50 a set. While you might find that expensive, consider what a good pair of cufflinks would cost you from Nordstrom or a ...

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EEPROM Cufflinks Scream Class

Found on Flickr user Jmarler’s page, these EEPROM cufflinks are extremely beautiful. Soldered in place forever, these won’t be good for powering your Arduino but they could get your laid with a hot mom… Link (via)

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Edward Scissorhands Attire

When you invent a time machine in the year 2094 and travel back to the year 1990, the first thing you’ll want to do is attend the premiere of the Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands. You’ll be able to catch a pre-Pirates Depp and Winona Ryder right as she was turning into a hottie. But more importantly, you’ll be able ...

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