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Mr. Tee Pities Your Man Boobs

You don’t have the balls or the money to wear a shirt depicting Mr. T made of t-shirts? Don’t be a fool, bitch tits! My night elf mohawk won’t listen to that jibba-jibba. The Mr. Tee t-shirt is a light blue tee featuring a portrait of the A-Team’s own Mr. T made out of t-shirts. The only way to get ...

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Meta Mario Drives Giant Version of Himself

I’m not sure where someone pulls an idea like this out of, but I’m sure it’s from some orifice on the bottom half of their body. Regardless of which cavity the idea was extracted from, I’m amazed at the absurdity and I really actually love it. This very meta Mech Mario is driven by a mini-version of himself. Or maybe ...

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Tieclip Tieclip and Cufflink Cufflinks Are Pretty Self-Explanatory

Remember that time you walked out of the house with a pair of tieclips in place of your cufflinks? They sorta look similar, I guess, but you must be pretty clueless to make a mistake like that. Apparently it happens though. Just in case you weren’t quite sure what to do with your various homogeneous clothing accessories, these Tieclips Tieclips ...

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Transformer Laptop USB Hub

The laptop hub itself is enough to generate an epic “Yo Dawg” meme which would make Xzibit cry in frustration. But add in transformer functionality and you have some sort of weird meta-paradox which isn’t even worth the effort to meme-ificate. This robotic transformer hub folds into the shape of a mini-laptop with four additional USB ports. Now all we ...

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35mm Camera Inside 35mm Film Canister: That’s So Meta, Dude

You know something is meta when it’s hard to determine where the meta-ness begins or ends. I mean, which came first? The camera or the film? The sperm chicken or the egg? What would really be trippy is if this 35mm camera was actually inside of a scale sized 35mm film canister. Luckily for our ever-congealing soft and mushy brains, ...

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