Three Must-Have Travel Apps for 2017

Travel season is about to kick-off and that means we’re ready to start planning our vacations. A few things might make your planning and the vacation itself all that much easier, and that includes some neat apps we’ve compiled below. These travel apps have managed to eliminate the stressful aspects of vacationing, and thus, making them worthwhile picks for our list.  Read on to find out more about the latest in top travel apps.


Dealray is just plain convenient. There’s a small fee of $9.99/month, but it’s entirely worth it. This members-only tracker finds the best flight deals online for you and then sends you notifications when prices drop significantly. It will also let you know when there are error fares or flash sales. If you’re looking to bank in on a great deal for your vacation this summer, Dealray will help you achieve that, and easily!


Featuring a user-friendly app, Blacklane will be your go-to transportation service while you’re vacationing. Now available in 236 cities around the world, Blacklane takes full-service airport transfers and limousine services to the next level. You can book your ride directly via the app, which also allows you to choose the time, location and vehicle of your choice. With Uber and taxi drivers often refusing pick-up requests, you can be stress-free with this reliable service. Additionally, your driver can pick you up directly at the arrivals gate of the airport with a personalized sign, happily ready to help you with your heavy luggage.

If you find yourself commuting through big cities like NYC this summer, you might want to take advantage of Blacklane’s NYC chauffeur service. Blacklane’s chauffeur service is available to make your city travel as smooth as possible, with professional drivers and a series of safe, stylish modern vehicles – available for A to B and airport transfers, as well as hourly hires. These bookings can also be placed online in advance, with the choice of three car classes, depending on your budget and travel style: Business Class, Business van or First Class. This customizable service is highly recommended and can definitely change the way in which you experience a new city on your travels.


Ever find yourself wondering what to eat before you board a flight? It sounds simple, but finding a decent meal in an airport can often be one of the more stressful parts of travelling. The Grab app will allow you to map out airport restaurants so that you can scope out menus, order your meal and pick it up on the way to the gate. This app has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few months and is quickly servicing airports all over the United States. Check it out the next time you’re searching for a pre-flight meal.

Take advantage of these clever apps to make your travels a little more pleasant this vacation season. It’s no wonder travelers are quickly relying on these apps to make their vacationing planning, and the vacation itself, a little more enjoyable. Happy Travels!

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