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In the past I’ve taught during the school year, so I’m serious about my summer vacation and travel plans. I need sun, new cities, and endless adventures. So far, I have traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Sausalito, California. Still on my travel schedule before I get back to teaching are visits to Naples, Florida and a quick run up to Boston for a dose of culture. I need two things once I hit the road: find internet service and my three favorite travel apps.

My favorite travel app trifecta are because I tend to get lost, TripCase for dealing with tickets and plane schedules, and Time Out  for city entertainment and restaurant reviews and details.  These three tools save me time, get me where I need to go, and enhance my vacation time away from home. I would not leave home without them.


I get lost often, and this can be exasperating. Maps.Me is great because it can be used without any internet and it works all over the world. No more getting lost on Temple Street in Salt Lake City with this free app. It’s compatible with ipads, ipods, iphones, androids, and Amazon Kindles. It has the zoom in and zoom out feature and will help keep you from getting lost as you explore your destination. I found it easy to use as I walked and visited the different restaurants, shops, and city events.


TripCase can assist you with the plane tickets, airport information, and important connection details. You can get flight alerts and airport emails with this free app, available for both iOS and Google Play devices. You can keep a log of your different flights and different destinations. It comes in nine different languages, and will truly keep you from losing your mind at LAX on Memorial Day weekend. Trust me on this, I know.


TimeOut is designed for Apple phones and ipads. It lets you explore the restaurant and entertainment choices in your vacation destination. You can use it to book dinner, get tickets to see the Yankees, and get ferry route schedule to Oakland from San Fran. It’s super easy to use and covers many cities around the world. The best part is it’s free and IOS 8.0 compatible.

Before you head out on your summer vacation, download my three apps in order to make the trip run without a hitch. Then you can pack the sunscreen, flip flops, and various other travel accoutrements.

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