The YETI Is No Myth

Few things in this world possess the security that an apelike creature from the Himalayan region provides. Yet, if you can’t find the abominable snowman you can always name your portable security device after it. The difference? This yeti is no myth and it just might save your hide when everything goes SNAFU.

Enter the YETI Portable Security System YT-100. This handy device is a fully self contained rechargeable battery with motion and bump sensors, 110 dB siren and high intensity flashing lights to scare off any actual yetis interested in mating with this thing. The most notable feature is its Bluetooth capability. With the YETI, you can set it up so that if the alarm trips your Bluetooth equipped cell phone will ring, notifying you of the intrusion even if you’re miles away. For $250, your security is assured. I wish I could say the same thing about the abominable snowman.

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