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The YETI Is No Myth

Few things in this world possess the security that an apelike creature from the Himalayan region provides. Yet, if you can’t find the abominable snowman you can always name your portable security device after it. The difference? This yeti is no myth and it just might save your hide when everything goes SNAFU. Enter the YETI Portable Security System YT-100. ...

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Those Speakers Won’t Make Your Car Go Faster

If your neighbors piss you off or if you’re just an angry, bitter soul who wants to watch the world burn, then why not blast loud and obnoxious music to annoy everyone as you drive around the block? This mobile multichannel speaker car is every DJ’s wet dream. Can you imagine pulling up to the Minitek Electronic Music festival in ...

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Illusionary Speed Bumps Make You Crash Into A Parked Car

Reviving WiFi isn’t the only new thing Philadelphia is doing. As part of a city-wide campaign called “Drive CarePhilly,” which is against aggressive driving in Philadelphia, PA-100 junctions have been painted with fake speed humps. These said speed bumps offer an illusionary appearance of a three-dimensional barrier to any oncoming motorist while in fact the road is completely flat. This ...

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