The Teeny Weeny USB Drive

Normally, when new USB drive hits the market, it’s not cause for concern in the slightest. But I have a feeling that this particular one-gigabyte drive will not only turn heads like that $300,000 watch you wish you owned, but will also encourage females to hop on your genitalia and ride you like a ferris wheel.

Now look at that box. What would you guess is inside? Take a guess.


Yup. It’s a dick-shaped USB drive. Some jackasses, probably the same guys who designed this, got a bunch made up and are now selling them for $20.00 a pop. The official website is packed with memorable quotes such as:

  • “DON�T PULL OUT TOO SOON or you could lose your data! “
  • “It’s not the size of your equipment, it’s house you use it”
  • “Firmly tug on the head (it�s not a twist off ladies!) to reveal the USB device.”Jesus christ, I’m done. Watch the above video if you want to throw your pride out the window.Link (via)
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