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Why spend a ton of money on eBay for someone else’s crap when you can blow $10 and be done with it? That’s probably the concept behind, a new website that will send you something for ten bucks.

So far, customers have gotten items like a gourmet coffee maker, a wall clock, kitchen knives, a pair of designer jeans and lots of other wacky items. Nearly 7000 orders have been placed so far and I for one am intrigued. I’ll order an item today and we’ll see how it turns out. Shipping is included, so if you have a little extra cash sitting around, it might be worth checking out.

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  1. I tried and received a 14kgold ring for $15. The something store sent underwear. Not my cup of tea. Everyone try

  2. Really? You got a gold ring for $15? Not bad..

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