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What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?: The Website

What can’t the internet do? Copy writer and part-time developer hobbyist Zach Golden created the extremely awesome “What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?” website, which has a very simple, but essential use — to tell you what the fuck you should make for dinner. With a simple black Helvetica type on white background design, WTFSIMFD pulls a random ...

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Chatroulette: Sometimes You Can’t Press Next Fast Enough

While I’m sure many of you already know about the amazing service known as Chatroulette, I thought I’d introduce it to the three or four of you who don’t already know. Basically, it’s like Russian Roulette, with less bloodshed and much more penis. Chatroulette lets you view a random users webcam from around the world, allowing you to unshamefully skip ...

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Our Experience With The Something Store

So earlier this month, we let you know about a little website called The Something Store. In case you missed it, you pay $10 and receive a random, unknown item in the mail. A simple, yet, genius idea. Well, I placed my order on May 16th and it came this morning. The box was small as shit, as you can ...

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The Something Store

Why spend a ton of money on eBay for someone else’s crap when you can blow $10 and be done with it? That’s probably the concept behind SomethingStore.com, a new website that will send you something for ten bucks. So far, customers have gotten items like a gourmet coffee maker, a wall clock, kitchen knives, a pair of designer jeans ...

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PayPal Security Keys just hastle users even more

PayPal can’t seem to get a break. Because it is the main payment method of eBay, there are always tons of people trying to hack into the system and exploit flaws. Now, we understand that there shouldn’t be any flaws in the first place, but people shouldn’t be trying to steal other’s identities either. So here is a step that ...

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