PayPal Security Keys just hastle users even more

paypal security keyPayPal can’t seem to get a break. Because it is the main payment method of eBay, there are always tons of people trying to hack into the system and exploit flaws. Now, we understand that there shouldn’t be any flaws in the first place, but people shouldn’t be trying to steal other’s identities either. So here is a step that PayPal is trying to take to increase security: Security Keys. These keys generate unique passwords every 30 seconds or so, and everytime a user signs in to the service, they will have to enter this random key combination in addition to their username and pervious password. Of course, there are some serious problems with this. One being that, like nearly everything that is “random”, there are algorithms involved that can be cracked. Also, as is done today, users can be tricked into entering their information into a phishing site. All these new measures would do is give the scammers only 30 seconds to loging (which is still plenty of time). Will this new security measure work? It’s unlikely. — Nik Gomez

The Paypal Security Key [via Gadgetell]

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  1. WTF are you talking about. 9 out 10 phishing sites just log info for evil use later. So the key is 100% effective against that. The Algorithm is going to be slightly different for each fob, so good luck cracking it. Gearfuse, if you want your blog to go anywhere, you need post articles that are actually useful. Its obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. The more serious issue is time shifting… The keys eventually get out of sync.

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