The Sims on our laptop, just what we need!

sims life storiesWill Wright is the famous creator of the best selling PC game ever: The Sims. As a result of countless addon expansion packs and pre-teen obsessions of controlling other people’s lives, the Sims is/was a phenomenon for PC gaming. Now, the Sims was meant to be run on your desktop because your laptop just didn’t have the guts to run the game well. The Sims Life Stories is about to change that. Not only are laptops much more powerful now in comparison to when the Sims was released, the Sims Life Stories is more of a narrative based game that is being made especially for laptops. This game will launch what EA is calling the Sims Stories line, basically it’s a line of Sims games that actually have a plot.

This laptop-friendly game is the first in The Sim Stories series and features an all-new directed Story mode that lets you take Riley or Vince through a unique story full of romance, conflict, and dramatic moments.

Exactly what laptop-friendly means is still to be determined, but it is probably safe to assume that it is something along the lines of reduced graphics demands. Because laptops can’t fit high end graphics cards in them (and they can’t cool them), graphics on laptops are limited. The Sims Life Stories addresses this problem, and it will probably sell millions more because of it. — Nik Gomez

Sims Life Stories to laptop-dance next month [Gamespot]

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