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Falling Books Bookend: Reading is Dangerous

Playing God is entertaining. If it wasn’t, games such as The Sims and the iPhone’s Pocket God wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are. So why shouldn’t gadgets offering a bird’s eye view of another person’s misfortune not be popular as well? The Falling Books Bookend adds a dose of omnipresence into your study or library. Watch as a ...

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Maxis’ Spore Has Gone Gold

I sure hope you’ve tried out that creature creator for the upcoming Spore, otherwise you’re going to be left in the dark. Having to settle for randomly generating creatures simply because you weren’t creative enough to come up with your own does not please Will Wright. After all, the full game is just around the corner. That’s right, Spore has ...

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The Sims on our laptop, just what we need!

Will Wright is the famous creator of the best selling PC game ever: The Sims. As a result of countless addon expansion packs and pre-teen obsessions of controlling other people’s lives, the Sims is/was a phenomenon for PC gaming. Now, the Sims was meant to be run on your desktop because your laptop just didn’t have the guts to run ...

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