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Best Buy Charging $40 to Slow Down Your Computer; Delete Shortcuts

Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers to “optimize” your computer for $40, claiming to double your computer’s speed in some cases. But if Consumerist’s little unscientific study is correct, this whole optimization thing could just be a giant scam: Upon comparing the optimized changes, the first noticeable change was a cleaner desktop. Most of the removed shortcuts were for trials, promotions ...

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The Sims on our laptop, just what we need!

Will Wright is the famous creator of the best selling PC game ever: The Sims. As a result of countless addon expansion packs and pre-teen obsessions of controlling other people’s lives, the Sims is/was a phenomenon for PC gaming. Now, the Sims was meant to be run on your desktop because your laptop just didn’t have the guts to run ...

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