The Real Deal: Portal Gun


I don’t know what to say.

What do you think I should say? Look at this fucking gun. It’s a life-size 1:1 replica of the Portal gun. Like dead on to every detail. It even glows blue. What the fuck is up with that? Some chick made it for cosplay. Yeah, cosplay. Such a waste…
At least it blows previously made gunnery out of the water.




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  1. The details on the gun are so dead on. I wonder how much time she had to put in it.

  2. Two things, one, get your facts straight. The gun was made by the girl’s boyfriend. Two, if you want to slam on cosplay, do something better, cooler. My opinion is; if you can’t even come close to the quality of what you’re slamming, be contructive at least. Now, yes, his production is amazing and extremely high end. I’m currently researching his techniques to apply to my Rebellion sword from Devil May Cry. He has an “instructable” of sorts on this gun, or at least a cheaper version of it.

    (post by Vulpin)

  3. agreed, slamming in a reply post is one thing but to create a new post with pics to slam it? wtf?

  4. i want to know who made this cause i want that person to make one for me plz i would love to have one.

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