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Woman Only Feels Comfortable As A Horse

40-year-old Leanne is your average website designer with a horse fetish. Just like any other web designer with a horse fetish, she has a special horsey name. While dressed in horse regalia she will only answer to "Shyanne."

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Super Mario Zombie Cosplay

Taking inspiration from my two favorite geek icons of all time, Flickr user mrksaari created these real-life Super Mario zombie cosplay costumes. Princess Peach looks like she’s holding her own just fine, so I’m pretty sure the Mario clan has a new objective. And I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “b” and ends with “rains.” While mushrooms were ...

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Best Fetish Ever: Latex Alien Costumes

Here’s an interesting new geeky sexual fetish to explore. Enter into the world of latex alien costumes. I’m pretty sure that first one is based on some weird Cloverfield-like alien, while the second one is the more traditional Alien series extraterrestrial. Two aliens, one suit. Just deflate some air and you have a whole new latex fantasy to explore. While ...

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DIY: Mega Man Knit Hat

Mega Man was always one of our favorite gaming heroes. There is something about superhuman strength and the ability to shoot plasma from a personal arm cannon that floats our metaphorical boats. If you’re into cosplay or really just love classic gaming, there is really no excuse for you not to lock your grandmother in a closet and threaten her ...

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Left 4 Dead Cosplay

Left 4 Dead is a smash hit, this is true. But the game has been out for awhile. How do you keep the idea of it fresh besides offering up DLC at random intervals? Easy. A photographer goes out with his friends and recreates scenes from the game. This photoset on Flickr has not only some of the most gorgeous ...

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Working Game Boy Costume

Wow. Look at the costume this guy made for Ohayocon 2009. It’s an old school Nintendo Game Boy made out of cardboard. But what’s this? His costume is actually a full fucking working replica? Holy shit kid. Nice work. You can actually use the cardboard D-pad and buttons to play Tetris. I’d like to know how he made this thing. ...

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