The Missing Super Mario Bros. 3 Level That Never Was


This is pretty strange. As one of the leading console series names in the world you’d figure that Nintendo would have had their Super Mario Bros. 3 release edited and studied unmercifully until its release. But somehow the game was released featuring a screen shot of a level which never even appears in the game.

Have you ever seen this mystery level? Are we missing something? We’ve played the hell out of this game and have never even seen anything close.

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  1. Well, technically speaking. It IS in the game.. just not playable under normal circumstances. You can access the test levels with a game genie

  2. DUDE WHAT?! That’s insane!! anybody got a video of the level being accessed through hacks?

  3. 3:05 Pm
    That level is actually in the Beta Version…
    No Joke…. this is the link to the Video of Beta Version of this game:

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