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Those App Features Are Actually Not Easter Eggs?

Whether or not you actually celebrate the Easter holiday, you are likely familiar with the custom of Easter egg hunting. Kids absolutely love the adventure of seeking out eggs that their parents have hidden, and they take pride in bringing the prize back to show it off. This is not the case with apps. Unlike Easter egg hunting children, users ...

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The Missing Super Mario Bros. 3 Level That Never Was

This is pretty strange. As one of the leading console series names in the world you’d figure that Nintendo would have had their Super Mario Bros. 3 release edited and studied unmercifully until its release. But somehow the game was released featuring a screen shot of a level which never even appears in the game. Have you ever seen this ...

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Use the Konami Code on Google

Are you that guy who needed 30 lives to beat the original Contra? We know you and so does Google apparently. Google has taken your favorite cheat code of all time (you sly bastard) and integrated it into Google Apps. To check out the Easter Egg, you’ll need to login to your Google account, bring up Google Reader (Ryan confirmed ...

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