Use the Konami Code on Google

Are you that guy who needed 30 lives to beat the original Contra? We know you and so does Google apparently. Google has taken your favorite cheat code of all time (you sly bastard) and integrated it into Google Apps.

To check out the Easter Egg, you’ll need to login to your Google account, bring up Google Reader (Ryan confirmed this) and chill for a second. After the chill, enter in the Konami Code (UUDDLRLRBA), kick back and watch.

Oh and no one could beat that fucking game without 30 lives, so don’t fret.


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  1. Actually gmail or any “Google home page of choice” will not work.

    This only works on Google Reader. Check with the original article. Where did anyone say it worked with gmail or iGoogle? It doesnt. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  2. I beat that fucking game without the cheat code, sucka.

  3. Oh. Also, you can do the code on the GodsGirls website. You get some custom wallpapers.

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