The Last HOPE: Screen Printing

A sign for screen printing was posted in the “Hackerspace Village” when we arrived Saturday. As we stood there watching them make imprints in shirts, they asked us for help (hackers are so friendly!) and well, this helped us get a closer look into how they were making these sweet Darth Vader designs on t-shirts.

The Hacktory was showing off its way of promoting the use of technology in arts. The team there was using discharge glue, which acts like a bleach towards color pigments, forming some cool designs in their name after it’s set to dry. Two of which included Star Wars inspired designs: Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. $5 t-shirts, free if you brought your own blank one means it was the best t-shirt offer at the Last HOPE Conference. More pictures and the link to their site after the jump:


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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I am the guy with cut off sleeves and tattoos.

  2. No problem! What does your tattoo say by the way?

  3. Thanks for all the positive comments! We are glad you enjoyed HOPE and our

    I am the one in the photo with the cut-off-sleeves and tattoos 🙂

    Us asking you for help was a ploy to teach you screen printing. Our goal was to show people that the craft of screen printing isn’t a secret or deadly craft. Our ploy worked! Hackers are not only friendly, we are sneaky too 😉

    Send us some photos of you in your shirts. When we get a collection we will post them on our blog,


  4. I just got a request from Vince of Gearfuse to post the full text of the tattoo:

    Car to Helen or Ray. Needs a tune up. Money to Max and Sylvia. Furniture to George plus$137 I owe him.

    I think there are other photos of it on my flickr:

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