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Green Star Wars Tees Are Encouraging

Saving the planet and Star Wars. What more could a geek want? Other than a Lucy Liu sex-bot, of course. The Jedi were always the ones that came off as the treehugger type. Darth and the rest of the dark side didn’t have much consideration for natural beauty. Perhaps never more evident than when he blows up Princess Leia‘s beautiful ...

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Dog Vader Looks More Like The Emperor

Torture dogs much? Then you’ll get a kick out of this Darth Vader costume for your canine companion. Despite this dog resembling the likeness of Darth Sidius rather than his apprentice, we approve of dogs dressed up in Star Wars-themed costumes. We only wish there were even more sci-fi costumes available for our pets. Hit the jump to see what ...

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The Force Is Strong With This One

From the Atari Flashback Portable to the portable SNES, it seems almost every system has been turned into a handheld at this point. Over at the Ben Heck forums, user Hailrazer posted an impressive DIY project of his. Using an old Lazer Doodle he found at a flea market, he modded it into an impressive portable Nintendo 64 dubbed Darth ...

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Hot Air Balloon Soars To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

In a world of good-guy smugglers and noble Jedi, one Sith must instill fear any way he can. That’s why Darth Vader built this hot air balloon. Not just because the town fare is approaching and Vader wanted to make sure he’ll be soaring high next to the Yogi bear and Batman inflatables but because Vader wishes to scare away ...

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The Last HOPE: Screen Printing

A sign for screen printing was posted in the “Hackerspace Village” when we arrived Saturday. As we stood there watching them make imprints in shirts, they asked us for help (hackers are so friendly!) and well, this helped us get a closer look into how they were making these sweet Darth Vader designs on t-shirts. The Hacktory was showing off ...

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