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Stick It: The Gorillapad Camera Tripod

Have you ever been out with your digital camera and wish you had a tripod? It’s happened to me many times and while a tripod can dramatically improve your shot, they’re just not practical to carry around. Enter the Gorillapad. This tripod uses a “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” to stick to almost any surface, effectively turning anything into a usable ...

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The Last HOPE: Screen Printing

A sign for screen printing was posted in the “Hackerspace Village” when we arrived Saturday. As we stood there watching them make imprints in shirts, they asked us for help (hackers are so friendly!) and well, this helped us get a closer look into how they were making these sweet Darth Vader designs on t-shirts. The Hacktory was showing off ...

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Quickies: MIT’s Post-It Notes On HGH

Seems the brains up in Massachusetts have done it again. MIT has taken an ordinary household object and transformed it into the coolest experimental toy on the planet. Case in point are Quickies, which are essentially Post-It Notes that feed the written information on them back to a computer. The computer then interprets the text or image drawn on the ...

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