Quickies: MIT’s Post-It Notes On HGH

Seems the brains up in Massachusetts have done it again. MIT has taken an ordinary household object and transformed it into the coolest experimental toy on the planet. Case in point are Quickies, which are essentially Post-It Notes that feed the written information on them back to a computer. The computer then interprets the text or image drawn on the note and adds a digitized version to the proper location. So if you write down a TODO note, it’ll automatically get added to iCal, Google Calender, etc.

The above video does more justice than words can. You don’t even need audio, so view it when your boss is busy in the can.


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  1. Hi its seems a great gadget heads off to MIT

  2. Andy Pettitte was the biggest surprise on the list, especially since he comes off as an �Aw, shucks,� church-going choir boy who would never break a rule to save his own life.
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  3. It seems never break a rule to save his own life!

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