The Lakemaid Beer Delivery Drone Is No More!

While fishermen on Lake Waconia in Minnesota were thrilled with the Lakemaid beer delivery drone, it seems that the FAA was not so much.


The Wisconsin brewery used a DJI F550 drone to fly a 12 pack of their beer to fishermen on Lake Waconia after taking delivery orders to save fishermen from leaving their warm cabins to walk to shore. While the fishermen were ecstatic with this delivery service, the FAA was not as excited. According to the FAA you “cannot fly a drone for commercial purposes or above 400 feet in the United States.”

It took just one phone call from the FAA to shut down the ingenious beer delivery program from Lakemaid Beer; however, the company doesn’t intent to take the shut down lying down. Lakemaid has already set up a petition on to protest the prohibition of their beer drones and the petition seems to be serving its purpose by attracting social media attention.

Want to see the beer delivery drone in action?

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