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Wikileaks and the End of Stolen Kisses

Slavoj iek says that Wikileaks is hated not because of the secrets it has revealed, but because it exposed the cynicism of a system that has long stopped believing in the values it imagines itself to uphold. It's a problem not only for diplomacy and governance, but for the eroding distinction between public and private life.

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Important Documents in Comic Sans

It’s about time Comic Sans earned some respect. When Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert authored a scathing letter of hate directed at LeBron James after his decision to leave C-Town, there were apparently no other fonts that illustrated his anger quite as well as Comic Sans. And it’s a good thing too, because I feared that Sans would never get ...

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Dutch Hunt Marijuana Fields With Toys

Guess who has a lot of free time and loves toys? If you said the Dutch government, you’d be correct my friend. These dudes love to build toy helicopters, attach sensors that sniff out cannabis and seek the stuff out in fields around the country. Seriously? You guys need a helicopter to find marijuana? It’s really not all that hard. ...

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Meet Your New President of Tech

Overlord Obama has officially announced our new commander-in-geek. Vivek Kundra was proclaimed our new president of everything cool and internet-y (along with the FCC head), or the U.S. government’s Chief Information Officer if you want to get “technical” about it. See what I did there? That’s called a “pun.” Kundra has been known to encourage open sourcing and accessible coding, ...

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Freedom Stick Could Cause The Opposite

Going to Beijing for the upcoming Olympic games? Well, if you weren’t aware, China is not a democracy. Their nation-wide firewall leaves access to certain websites blocked, dulling your internet experience. No worries, thanks to Germany’s Chaos Computer Club’s USB dongle dubbed The Freedom Stick. For just $30, this device is preloaded with software which will secure your connection, routing ...

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