The Kevo Bluetooth Lock

Kevo Bluetooth Lock

Kevo is the newest emerging tech from Kwikset locks.

The Kevo is a bluetooth lock that links directly to your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 enabling you to open the lock without a key.

Kevo works by utilizing your phone’s Bluetooth technology so that all you need to do is touch the lock for it to open. No need to whip out your phone, this lock recognizes the presence of your phone in your pocket.

Kevo App

Don’t have an iPhone? The Kevo lock is also compatible with a key fob that comes with the lock upon purchase. Simply add the key fob to your key-chain or keep it in your pocket and it functions the same way that your smartphone would.

Have multiple family members who need to access the lock? No problem, you can purchase additional key fobs for family members.

Have non-family members who need access to the home? You can utilize your smartphone to send a key to anyone you would like to access your lock. Using the Kwikset smartphone app you can set up new keys, delete keys and manage the Kevo key fobs as well.

No pricing information has been released for the Kevo yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open for this one.

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