Apple Patent Reveals Future iPhone Design with Wrap Around Display


This super-duper-secret patent reveals the super-duper-secret future of the iPhone (you have to be a member of the super-duper-secret club to even consider finding super-duper-secret patents like this) [P.S. This patent is completely public, don’t listen to him.] (Dude, shut up conscious! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel special sometimes! Right brackets?] {Right!}.

This newly released Apple patent reveals an “electronic device with wrap around display”, or in terms that actually make sense, an iPhone with a AMOLED display which wraps around the entirety of the device, back and front. What sort of repercussions would a dual-sided display have on the smartphone market? Clearly double the amount of screen real estate could be a deal maker, both in the smartphone and tablet market. Hell, patents have been right before. Nothing to doubt with this one.



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