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Nike+ System Hacked To Open Car Doors

Using an Arduino, hacker knowledge and a Nike+ iPod Serial to USB adapter, Nathan Seidle was able to rig up a system that constantly checks for his keyfob. When Nate gets close enough to his car, it opens up. When he walks away, it locks. The system worked flawlessly until he realized that while at work, the car would randomly ...

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Use Your Phone To Control Your Door Locks

If you’ve ever lost your keys while out on the town, you know there’s no way in hell you’re getting them back. Luckily, we tend to clutch our cellphones dear to our heart, never letting them out of our site. If you have a Schlage LiNK system, you need not worry about having keys anymore. Essentially, the LiNK system uses ...

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The Last HOPE: Methods of Copying High Security Keys

The Netherlands-based locksporting group Toool held a panel at HOPE discussing new and advanced opening techniques for high security locks. We sat in on this two hour discussion with Barry Wels and Han Fey commenting on some unorthodox approaches to key copying. The speakers mentioned how easy it is to copy even the most exclusive of key profiles, which in ...

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