The Goonies are Back

Is it really 39 years since cult movie ‘The Goonies’ was a hit in cinemas. How time flies when you’re hunting for treasure.  Now Blueprint Gaming have produced another slot game using this theme.

In the years that have followed its release, ‘The Goonies’ has become a hit in other genres, especially the slot world.

This new slot from Blueprint Gaming is entitled ‘The Goonies Megaways’. Mikey, Data and Mouth are back again for yet more treasure hunting. Those playing this entertaining slot will hope to win some treasure of their own.

The inclusion of those characters is important for slots based on movies. Those who love the film will want to see them included in any slot game released.  It’s always handy to produce a slot that will bring memories of watching the initial movie flooding back.

For those who aren’t familiar with this movie, it told the story of three friends who sought the treasure of the beautifully named pirate One-Eyed Willie. Like most Disney movies, it is still popular years after first hitting the cinemas.

Three years ago, there were problems for Ladbrokes after they included The Goonies in an advertisement. It was ruled that it wasn’t aimed at under-18s due to the fact the movie was released back in the 1980s. That won’t be the case when in 2026 the long-awaited sequel comes out.

Another way in which the success of a movie-related slot can be assured is a link with those who produced the film. Warner Bros are on board with this game and that helps produce symbols that will bring back plenty of memories who have enjoyed the movie.

When there are several sequels it is important to keep the product fresh. That’s achieved here by using the Big Time Gaming Megaways™ mechanic.  With this in place, there are 117,649 different ways to get a win. This is achieved by there being random multipliers and cascading reels.

There are six reels in this game as well as an additional horizontal wheel. The look of the game is excellent and that always makes it more appealing to play. That isn’t all of course but this slot is packed with ways of getting some good wins.

Three matching symbols are needed to get a win and these can be on adjacent reels. The top win is 10,000x your stake with an RTP of 95%.

In terms of features, there’s four that can produce some good wins. The Cash Collect feature comes into play when a spin sees both the Cash and Collect symbols appear. Free spins are always a welcome addition to any slot. At least three scatters are needed to trigger this feature.

More Collect symbols appear during the free spins round. Getting four of them wins you a Cash Multiplier that could be as high as 10x when a win comes along. If you used some of these bonus codes when you started at an online casino, you could potentially use additional free spins to boost your chances even more.

There’s also the One-Eyed Willy Treasure Map feature. Upgrades can be awarded and hidden features revealed if you can make it to the end of the Treasure Map trail. This includes a new bonus round.

FInally, there’s the Treasure Blitz Super Spin. When this is being played, the only symbols on the reels are the Cash, Cashpot, Collect and Fortune Wheels. It’s possible to trigger more features such as Pick a Key to get more Super Spins and a higher multiplier. This continues until no Retrigger Trail is achieved.

This certainly is a busy game and you can see why it has already become a worthy addition to the series.

Jo Purvis is the Director of Marketing & Relationships for Blueprint Gaming. Her opinion on this new release is that it “shows we are committed to evolving the licensed games in our portfolio.”

This has been achieved by “retaining the familiar feel” of the series and ensuring it “stays true to the cult film, following its beloved design and symbols.” The hope is that its players will enjoy the new features and the soundtrack.

Blueprint Gaming is set for an exciting year. May sees them release a new Flintstones slot game. The Stone Age family remains incredibly popular even though the TV series was first shown in the 1960s. Now they find themselves in the Digital Age.##

Being innovative is so important in a highly competitive industry. June will see Blueprint Gaming launch their new Rapid Fire Jackpots feature. This will make it easier to win a jackpot due to their being five Rapid Fire symbols on the reels. They could give a player a 1000x their stake win. Such innovation is likely to keep Blueprint Gaming even busier in the future.

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