7 Games that Can Help Improve Patience and Focus

The power that games have to improve things like patience and focus is heavily underestimated. There is a huge range of games that help with things like increasing attention span and controlling emotions, especially when it comes to patience. Different types of games improve different attributes, but the games listed below all result in improved gaming focus overall. Take a look at these 7 games that can help improve patience and focus and decide if any sound interesting.


Chess is a game that requires a good amount of dedication to understand the rules and an immense amount of focus to think through each move before you make them. Chess trains the mind to stay focused on a single task by figuring out the best move to counter the opponent’s move. It can take a lot of patience to master the skill of not rushing a move but instead thinking carefully about all of the possible options and making the best choice. In Chess, one wrong move can cost you the entire game, so remaining calm in stressful situations and staying focused on the task at hand is what makes a great Chess player.


Scrabble is a fantastic game for focusing the mind to brainstorm about possible words that will give the best score. It teaches you to take your time to think deeply about your answers before you make your decision and emphasizes the importance of patience and not rushing to answer quickly. Scrabble is also great for increasing your vocabulary as well as improving your spelling overall.


Everyone has probably heard of Lego, but many probably don’t know the benefits of playing with these colorful blocks. The most obvious thing that Lego helps with is boosting creativity, as the options are endless, and you can build whatever comes to mind. However, Lego also helps train your brain to be more patient and focus the mind as you spend a long time building your sculpture.

If you have ever used Lego to build a huge project that took you days to complete, only for it to accidentally be knocked down, then you can understand how these blocks help to improve your self-control. The same goes for when you are on the hundredth step on the instructions only to realize you are missing a few pieces to complete your project. If you didn’t have patience before this, you certainly would have some after this happens to you.


Equilibrio is a game that you can either play on your own or with friends and family. You take turns to add a shape to a structure that slowly gets taller as you progress through the game. The aim is not to be the person that causes the structure to fall. You can imagine how this game then improves your ability to focus on carefully adding the next piece to the structure so that it doesn’t tip the balance and cause it to collapse. It also helps to improve your creativity as you think up innovative ways to add to the structure that allows you to outsmart your opponents.


Crosswords are a great way to get the mind working and stimulate your brain to focus on solving the puzzles and coming up with the missing words. Like Suduko, completing crosswords will improve your vocabulary in the long run and your ability to recall pieces of information from your memory.


Completing Suduko puzzles is a fun way to improve your memory and problem-solving skills, which improve the more you play. Playing Sudoku increases the mind’s ability to concentrate for longer periods and enhances the brain’s ability to store information effectively. The best part about playing Sudoku is that it doesn’t take much time. You can complete one puzzle in a couple of minutes and do this daily to build on your ability to focus.

Rubik’s Cube

Solving a Rubik’s Cube is a task that requires you to dedicate time and energy to focus on completing the puzzle. Once you manage to solve it once, you can then work on improving the speed at which you can complete it. This helps to improve your ability to memorize cube patterns and increase your problem-solving capabilities.

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