The Drunk Eskimo’s Pad

Ever wonder what a drunk Eskimo’s pad looks like? It’s an igloo made out of bottles. When you’re in Alaska, the middle of nowhere, it’s difficult to find recycling depots. I guess that’s why artist Jasmine Zimmerman created this open-roofed greenhouse from hundreds of plastic drink bottles we litter our streets with everyday. That or she hates really hates Palin.

Because Americans drink 70 million disposable bottles of water each day, with just 10 million making their way to a recycling bin, Jasmine wants to help spread the word about recycling and repurposing everyday objects in our environment. The “Bottle Greenhouse” will be exhibited in empty lots, rooftops, parks, and vacant buildings to raise awareness as well as give bums a place to crash for the night.

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  1. Hi. Im Claudia and I am a girlscout. I have been researching bottles and recyclings for a while now. For my gold award project I was planing on building something out of bottles to show a big picture in our community and I am wondering, how did you get the bottles to stick together?

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