The 1470 Piece $8,600 Craftsman Professional Tool Set: More Tools Than You’ll Ever Use


I don’t care if you’re a construction worker or a mechanic, there is just no way you have a need for so many tools. Don’t get me wrong, it would be incredibly awesome to own a tool set which features gizmos that don’t even have a name yet (yes, that’s how big this thing is), but the 1470 piece Craftsman Professional Tool Set takes the macho allure of tool collecting to a whole new level.

Most men (and some very butch women) take a lifetime to accumulate a tool collection that barely reaches half of this number. The Professional Tool Set lets you catch up to the big guys with one foul swoop. Even if you’re a contractor, plumber, mechanic, lumber jack and electrician, you’ll be hell bent to give every tool a try. The $8,600 value will hook you up with just about every specialty tool you can imagine, and some that you can’t.

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