Tools For Women: The female answer to the toolkit

set for woman

And now a little somethin’ somethin’ for the ladies. The Barbara K 30 piece tool tote brings a feminine edge to a typically masculine product. The tool kit for woman brings all the brute metal strength of men, with a hint of feminine class and style.

The Barbara K tools come in a snazzy little tote bag so you don’t have to have some clunky red box cramping your style. But listen to this. Not only does the kit come with your standard light wrenches, but even packs in a lite power drill. Quite scary for us men.

We here at Gearfuse are slightly fearful for our future now. First, it’s tool kits. Next, woman will be allowed to drive and vote. *shudder* — Andrew Dobrow

Tools For Woman [Barbara K, via Wists]

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