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Makeshift Travel Adapter is the Epitome of Fire Hazard

If you happen to be traveling overseas you’re going to want to bring your travel adapter, or you might end up like this guy. There are plenty of places where tourists can pick up adapters in other countries, but not if you get into your hotel at 3 a.m. with a phone in need of a charge. With a few ...

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Autopsy Intruments Used on Elvis Presley For Sale

If you’re anything like me and were hoping to purchase these tools just so you can lick the stainless steel and ingest whatever Elvis-fluids might remain in an attempt to gain The King’s super rocking powers, forget about it. Unfortunately these tools have been thoroughly cleansed. All of the items used in the autopsy and funeral preparations will be offered ...

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Black and Decker Auto Wrench

Sometimes, when I’m hanging out with Mel Gibson, we like to play Niptwist. What’s Niptwist, you ask? It’s a game when I take an adjustable wrench and then clamp down on Mel’s nipples. He screams in delight and then begs for more. After about 45 minutes of this, Gibson passes out and mumbles some anti-semetic rant. Little does Mel know ...

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Pump Air Into Your Tires And Get A Candy Bar Simultaneously

If you’re like Vince and I, competitive bikers and participators in the Tour de France, then you’ll be happy to know that the bike company Trek is pioneering the forefront in vending machines for bikes called “Trek Stop.” It’s the cycling convenience center that provides nearby stranded bikers all the needs (without the know-how) for bike repair. At the moment, ...

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Elaborate Laser-etched Tools

These laser-etched tools were created by artist Dan Funderburgh. Though not all of them serve an essential use, they all have exquisite detail and beautiful patterns that really make them pop. Intricate designs scatter across handles and blades. Let’s just be glad Dan didn’t go balls out like Craftsman. If you want to check these out in person, Dan is ...

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