LT-XL Portable Office Bag Blurs the Boundries Between Blue and White Collar Work


Back in the day you either sat in a cube in front of a computer and secretly looked at porn while your boss was off playing golf with some trophy wife by his side (whom I totally didn’t have sex with, by the way) or you worked with your hands, wrist deep in shit or half-dead from back pain. As time goes on, the line between blue and while collar work has become increasingly thin. Computer engineers particularly require skills of both styles.

This awesome LT-XL Portable Office bag is made with the sky blue worker in mind, splitting the bag into the hardcore tool side, and the slightly less hardcore office supply side. You can also store a laptop and other delicate electronics right in the same bag as you keep assorted screwdrivers, which really cuts down on the man power. One less bag equals more arm room for other important shit.


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