Thanko USB Wiimote Charger

wiimote charger

Thanko Japan’s USB Wiimote Charger is something many gamers have been waiting for. Having to go out to the store to buy new batteries twice a week just isn’t cutting it for us Wii players.

The USB Charger comes with a cradle, a special Nickel battery, and a battery cover compatible with the charger. The charger works on any USB port and tells you when the charge is complete with a little blue LED.

The nickel battery provided gives the Wiimote 25 hours of juice, with a recharging time of 3.5 hours. If you feel like you can rip yourself away from your Wii for a few hours once every other day, Thanko’s USB Wiimote Charger seems like a cool little tool.

Thanko will release them for sale by the end of the month. A pair for $55 or a single for $30. Thank you, Thanko! — Andrew Dobrow

Thanko USB Remote control charger for Wii [NewLaunches, via CrunchGear]

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