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Sittin’ Pretty: Couch Made From 6400 Nickels

Some people have a taste for the luxurious lifestyle while others just like to sit in their money. For the latter, there’s this amazing couch made from 6400 nickels. With over 35,000 welds and 350 feet of stiffing rods, this piece of furniture is truly a work of diligence and patience. The couch weighs about 125 pounds, so bring a ...

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Thanko USB Wiimote Charger

Thanko Japan’s USB Wiimote Charger is something many gamers have been waiting for. Having to go out to the store to buy new batteries twice a week just isn’t cutting it for us Wii players. The USB Charger comes with a cradle, a special Nickel battery, and a battery cover compatible with the charger. The charger works on any USB ...

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