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Congratulations, You Just Won A New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset!

We know our readers have been anxious to get their hands on a free bluetooth headset. We’ve discussed the cell-phone laws showing up in varying states and it seems that, sooner or later, everyone will need a headset. So, Gearfuse is letting this one go to one of our many luck-stricken readers. You may need it because of driving laws, ...

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We Have A Winner!

Finally, our T-Mobile contest has come to an end. Thanks to everyone for entering and big thanks to T-Mobile and SkinIt.com for providing us with some stuff to give away. After wading through all the comments you people left, we decided that Chelsea should get it because she actually has a Sidekick 2008 in hand to put it on. We’ll ...

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Folks, We Have A Winner

The above picture shows Chris Gray’s winning truck tarp design that was selected for FREITAG’s Design-A-Truck Contest. Here’s one 18-wheeler that won’t settle for any gas station that isn’t the least bit artsy. Having trouble making out the design? Allow me: it’s a disproportional girl on a swing in sexy striped stockings. I think it won because of the stockings. ...

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