Congratulations, You Just Won A New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset!

We know our readers have been anxious to get their hands on a free bluetooth headset.� We’ve discussed the cell-phone laws showing up in varying states and it seems that, sooner or later, everyone will need a headset. So, Gearfuse is letting this one go to one of our many luck-stricken readers. You may need it because of driving laws, maybe you want to show your wife you mean business, or maybe you just think we suck. For whatever reason, you wanted it and here it is:

The winner is…

Miguel � October 5, 2008 4:30am

I need to win this because of three reasons:

1.) I am broke:
– I am currently unemployed
– I�ve recently filed for bankruptcy
– My car leaks in the rain

2.) I am ugly:
– I want to lose 30 more pounds (I�ve lost 40 already)
– I tried a new barbershop yesterday and they jacked up my hair
– My feet are rougher than the economy

3.) I feel trapped
– I need money so I won�t be #1
– I need to improve myself to not be #2
– My email has the word trapped in it

Ok, that was more like 9 reasons, but I just really want this thing. It looks cool, it�s small, and the video on the jawbone site makes me want this thing. If this device actually drowns noise like it claims, then it would be awesome to be able to try it out and confirm such a claim. If I win, I will post a personal review of this product and then maybe become a writer for gearfuse, which will work out nicely (see #1 above) 🙂

Congratulations, Miguel! I hope a bluetooth headset will make you feel less trapped as you are now free to speak to your emo friends hands-free while driving to your nearest mall to hang out. Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep on reading because there’s more contests to come!

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to Gearfuse. I can’t wait to use this bad boy to talk to my emo friends while driving to the mall.

    Gearfuse Rocks!


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