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“I Do” Laser Etched Wedding Ring

Here’s a wedding ring that’s out of the ordinary. A “Yes, I Do” sound wave is cut-out of the ring. No engraving your significant other’s favorite love poem on this ring. There’s no room for it. Designer Sakura Koshimizu uses lasers to cut out the shape of the waveform produced from your own “Yes I Do.” Using some sound editing ...

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The “Banshee” Shrimp

While actually called the “pistol shrimp,” its characteristics make it more befitting of the title: banshee. Despite their small size, pistol shrimp are capable of letting loose a sound of 218 decibels that stuns their prey before they devour them. The pressure wave produced by such a sound is capable of killing a small fish. It’s like a gunshot emanating ...

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Wave Farm Swims For Power In Portugal

The world’s first ever wave farm went live at the end of September in Agucadoura, off the coast of northern Portugal. Three wave energy converters resembling Soviet submarines generate electricity with hydraulic rams driven by waves. The farm was designed by Pelamis Wave Power, which hopes to increase the farms productivity by adding an additional 25 wave energy converters that ...

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Cloaking Technology Sunders Tsunamis

We haven’t covered much cloaking technology and that’s a shame because it’s starting to come into its own. Stefan Enoch at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille, France says that established cloaking principles, such as steering microwave light around an object, could be applied to ocean waves. Because cloaking technology is still in its infancy, scientists are still working on tackling ...

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Cardboard Music Box Plays Square Waves

Though video game aficionados will benefit the most from a device emitting Paperboy-esque sounds, this homebrew music box. It generates random tones from an oscillator and feeds the audio through a speaker. All of which is housed inside a cardboard box mind you. The schematics, videos, plans, part list, etc. are available for download off of the website and truth ...

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Clarins protects your skin from WiFi, Bluetooth, Radar, Cellphone radiation and air pollution

French cosmetic conglomerate Clarins has recently introduced a new patented beauty product dubbed Expertise 3P. Supposedly this solution will protect your skin from aging due to Electromagnetic waves as well as air-pollution. The secret lies in the active ingredients Thermus Thermophillus and Rhodiola Rosea which are extracted from plants. We have no idea if this thing really works, neither do ...

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