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Homemade PayPal Vending Machine

Ray Tanaka and his team over at PayPal Labs constructed this PayPal Vending Machine, unveiling it at PayPal X Innovate 2010. The machine melds together a zeitgeist of gadgets to allow smartphones to scan a QR code and make a PayPal payment. Once a payment is made, the machine tweets your purchase and notifies you with a confirmation display. Tanaka ...

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iBanksyMachine Allows Anyone To Be Banksy

Have you ever dreamed that you too could be a mysterious super-awesome political street artist like Banksy? Here is your chance, no matter how lame it might be. The iBanksyMachine is basically a vending machine which doles out instant Banksy stenciling kits. Included in the kits are stencils of some of Banksy’s most popular street pieces, along with spray paint ...

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LEGO Vending Machine

Whoa, whoa. Hold up. The title of this post could be seen as deceptive. I swear, these are not my intentions. I just had to show you Nick Dean’s LEGO creation that features a vending machine made out of LEGOs. There’s a bill reader included on the side and even mini-plastic packaging for the ammo clips and supplies that await ...

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Deep-dish Pizza Vending Machine

I’m always rambling on about a Rock N’ Roll Pizzeria but that doesn’t have shit on a vending machine that will serve you piping-hot fresh pizza. Did I say fresh? OK so that was a total lie but it’s still portable pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza is Tombstone brand which usually tends to fail my personal taste test. And by taste ...

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Shoe Vending Machine Is Sex And The City Girls’ Wet Dream

We’ve seen vending machines which offer everything from iPod’s to human services, but what about something more attuned to our fashion sense. And by our, I mean you women (gotta watch my macho allure.) To introduce their new sneaker, Japanese branded Onitsuka Tiger is offering their Trainer from vending machines around Japan. This is a concept just dying to run ...

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